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$215 000 of revenue and loading crew for 1.5 months ahead in the "semi-dry floor screed” niche
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Hi, we have another case update!
For over 6 months now we have been bringing customers to the
"semi-dry floor screed” niche.
For those who don't know what we're talking about, we've created a marketing mix consisting of selling a landing page with a quiz and hyper-segmentation + an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct YAN + Search
Most importantly, the tool is implemented quickly, easily, and efficiently!

Also, as you know, the quality of requests from Yandex Direct is at a high level!
We tested and fine-tuned our system during this time, and we can now confidently claim that it works.
Our system ensures that all of our customers receive a steady stream of requests and, as a result, orders.

The test has already been carried out in 5 regions where we are continuing to work. Moreover, we are preparing to launch it in 3 new markets.
Let me remind you that it is advantageous for our partners to work on the premise of one region - one customer in order to avoid creating competition between our clients.
Let’s get to the most interesting part: the figures and statistics
During the course of our work (from 23.02 to 12.09), we invested 52 273 r. on advertising.

562 screed floor requests were received (not counting the direct calls on the phone and on WhatsApp from the site, which was a lot - 213 hits).
Screenshots of Yandex Direct statistics from the advertising office
As a result, our client in one of the regions earned more than 900,000 rubles of net income in 1.5 months of work.
Screenshot of WhatsApp conversation with the client
We have received the following applications:
What exactly did we do, and how did we get these results?
  • Developed and "fine-tuned" a 5-screen Tilda landing page (based on user behavior).

  • We placed an optimized video in the background so that visitors immediately understand they have visited the floor screed company's website.

  • Advertising in this case was launched through Yandex Direct (Search + YAN).

  • As a result of our prior knowledge of the websites and offers that "go to" potential customers, we selected the most effective website format at the request of the customer + added a quiz and hyper-segmentation by queries and cities.
Anticipating your question, I'll tell you right away that we receive applications from potential customers through the search and Yandex advertising networks. Furthermore, we only show ads to people who are interested in your services. As you can imagine, this is very critical.

We set up the AC using the tool for determining the performance of various advertising, headlines, and banners for each group of keywords.
Identified and left in operation the most effective combinations.
A landing page screenshot